Top 15 female dog names and Meaning

Cute female dog names are a dime-a dozen. There’s Lola, Coco and Pugsley for the playful types; while more serious ones like Molly or Ruby can be found too!

I am sure you have seen all the pictures of dogs on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. Some are cute while others can be very intimidating to look at with their long furry bodies sitting upright! One thing is certain though- each one has a unique name for themselves so it’s important not only think about what animals might make good pets but also how we want our pup to sound when called by its owner later in life?


The dog “Luna” means moon in Spanish. The word can be used affectionately to refer to their human companion or more formally when addressing them with less familiarity like an animal would use it towards its owner.

The name “lunar” comes from Latin meaning of course, this reflects the importance attached by ancient cultures such as Rome during which they were known for using dogs extensively not just duelling but hunting wolves among other things too; so much so that these animals became familiars- companions who often followed Roman warriors into battle because nobody trusted anyone else at least until peace treaties had been signed after some victories over others!

female dog names
Female dog names


The name Bella means beautiful in Italian. A female, white German Shepard named her after the vocalist on stage one night while she watched with her owner outside at his feet; they would soon fall asleep together under moonlight .


It is said that the name “Daisy” comes from an old English word for garden. The first daffodils would have been planted in daisy fields – or so legend goes!

The meaning of this flower’s moniker could be related to how these Symbolize new beginnings, fertility and hope; beauty through difficulty .


The meaning of the Bailey name is not as clear cut. If you were to ask ten different people, they might give you ten different answers depending on their own backgrounds and life experiences which makes this question one with no real answer in sight!

It could be derived from either a place such as Bayley or even an old Saxon word for Bam-Yew Tree (as noted by Professor Tolkien).

female dog names
Female dog names

5) Lily

What does the name “Lily” mean? Well, it’s derived from an Ancient Egyptian term meaning beautiful or pure. 

It was given to a girl who brought cheerfulness into people’s lives with her sunny disposition so they called her Lilty!

6) Zoe

“Zoe” is a name for the zodiac sign of Cancer. It means “life”. The word ‘zoe’ comes from Greek which literally means to live or subsistence accordingly.


SADIE- The name SADIES originates from the English language and means “peace”.

The spelling of SAIDI makes use of common Arabic letters. It can be translated to mean “one who gives peace” or even happier than before.


The name NALA comes from the words “Narcotic, Narcosis and Amnesia” which are all related to forgetting something.


The name “Ruby” has a feminine and youthful meaning. The name “RUBY” originates from the gemstone, a colorful and scintillating stone that can be worn or carried as jewelry. 


The name “MAGGIE” is of Scottish origin. It means ‘great’, and it fits well for this female dog who has been raised with the values to be brave, confident, friendly etcetera from a young age!


“ROSIE” is a common name which means, “May God give you strength and success”.


STELLA is an acronym for the Latin phrase ” satura tua es”, which means “your own things are enough”. 

The name also references Stellabella, who was one of Queen Victoria’s dogs in Charles Kingsley’s poem The West-Indian Girl about escaping slavery with her canine companion!

13) LOLA

The name Lola references both the beauty of flowers and how it’s symbolic to represent new life – another Representation refers to backtopenunciation. 


SOPHIE is a slang term that has origins in horse racing. The name “Sophia” comes from the Egyptian goddess of wisdom, healing and vengeance who represented femininity as well as goodness; she was typically portrayed wearing an ornate crown with two intertwined snakes on top–a symbol associated today only to royalty or those seeking power over others.

15) ZOEY

There are many possible meanings for “ZOEY” name. The most common meaning is ‘born in the year of animal’, which could refer to any zodiac sign or commemorate major events such as an agricultural festival where animals were sacrificed during this period, but other suggestions include: born amidst joyous celebration; descendant qualities joyful youthful exuberance.

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