Mythology dog names: Greek, Norse, Irish for male, female dogs

If you have ever considered a mythical name, there are plenty to choose from. The complete list of mythology dog names and meanings.

Are you looking for the best traditional and mythological Greek dog names? Would you like to name a unique, popular, easy-to-call Greek word for male dogs and female dogs? If so, then this list of dog names is for you.

 It is not surprising that many of the most popular Greek dog names come from Greek mythology. Your new dog will rule the family, so a divine name makes sense, right? Adonis: If you think your dog is the most handsome and handsome boy in the year, name it after Adonis, the Greek god of beauty.

Top mythology dog names

  • Hera – The goddess with a mean streak in Greek mythology.
  • Juno – Goddess and wife of Zeus, protector of women.
  • Achilles – Warrior.
  • Apollo – Greek god of the sun.
  • Zeus – Supreme God of the Olympians.
  • Artemis – The Greek goddess of the hunt.
  • Aphrodite – Greek Goddess of love.
  • Athena – Goddess Of Wisdom & War.
  • Diana – Goddess of hunting and witchcraft.
  • Quinn – Wisdom, intelligence.
  • Angus – Both Irish and Scottish.
Angus Myths and Legends
Angus Myths and Legends

Greek mythology dog names

  • Aaron – Mountain of strength.
  • Ares – The meaning of the name Aramis is: Fictional swordsman.
  • Atlas – The meaning of Atlas is “to carry”.
  • Hercules – The divine hero from Greek mythology.
  • Iris – Meaning “rainbow, wisdom, hope, trust, and valor”.
  • Leo – Meaning “genuine”, “bold” or “brave”.
  • Fauna – Roman goddess of animals.
  • Loki – A mischievous god of fate and chaos.
  • Achelois – A moon goddess.
  • Alastor – God of family feuds.
  • Circe – Daughter of Titan sun god.
  • Poseidon – Lord of the sea, earthquakes and horses.
  • Dionysus – God of wine, celebrations and ecstasy.
  • Artemis – Virgin goddess of hunting, giving birth and animals.
  • Abrax – “shining one”.
  • Adam – “the red earth”.
  • Aeolos – “quick moving”.
  • Aura – Goddess of the breeze
  • Calliope – Muse of epic poetry
  • Cassandra – Priestess of Apollo
  • Clio – Muse of history
  • Daphne – Daughter of the river god
  • Diana – Roman name for Artemis
  • Alcyone – Meaning Kingfisher 
  • Aeolus – God of air and the winds ·
  • Achelous – A river god.
  • Aether – His name means “light” in ancient Greek. 
  • Aeton – a sun god.
  • Alectrona – Electyrone was a solar goddess, a sky goddess.
  • Anastasia – Meaning “resurrection”.
  • Andreas – Meaning “Man”.
  • Aphrodite – Greek Goddess of love.
  • Aristaeus – This was the name of a minor Greek god of agriculture, hunting and cattle.  
  • Asclepius – Asclepius was a god of medicine and healing in ancient Greek religion.
  • Darius –  Meaning “he possesses” or “rich and kingly” or “He who holds firm to good”.
  • Demetrius – Demetrius was a demigod and a son of Zeus.
  • Giles – God of Vengeance.
  • Hero – Meaning “demi-god”.
  • Ilene – The meaning of Ilene is “light”.
  • Ioannis – The name Ioannis is “God is gracious”. 
  • Michael – Meaning. “Who is like God?”.
  • Ophelia – Meaning “help”.
  • Othello – Meaning “he has the sound of God”. 
  • Sirius – SEIRIOS was the god or goddess of the Dog-Star.
  • Theodors – Meaning “God-given”
  • Typhon – A child of the Titans.
  • Venus – Goddess Of Love.
  • Xylo – Meaning. Wood, forest.
  • Orien – Orion was likely the son of the sea-god Poseidon and Euryale.
The Orient, East.
The Orient, East.

Norse mythology dog names

Some of the most popular Nordic dog names come from the ancient language of Old Nordic. If you have a dog from northern regions, such as a Norwegian Buhund or Norwegian Elkhound, you can also suggest a Nordic dog name. Nordic heritage is of course not a prerequisite for naming a Nordic dog!

  • Bo – Meaning “to live”.
  • Magnus – Scandinavian, French, Latin.
  • Freya – Meaning “Lady, noble woman”.
  • Hilda – Meaning: “Battle” or “battle woman”.
  • Aegir – Norse word for an elderly magician.
  • Akkeri – Anchor.
  • Odin – An elderly and wise deity respected throughout Norse mythology—his name is the inspiration behind “Wednesday”.
  • Loki – The cunning and sly Norse God with an evil streak—in fact, he’s the father of Hel, the goddess of the Underworld.
  • Freyja – The Norse goddess of love, known for her beauty and her sensuality.
  • Hel – You might be more familiar with the name Hela, as seen in Thor:Ragnarok.
  • Brynhildor – A valkyrie (powerful female warrior).
  • Dagmar – Maiden of the day.
  • Dahlia – From the valley.
  • Eir – A healing Goddess, her name means “mercy”.
  • Astrid – Beautiful
  • Aska – Ashes.
  • Aegir – Norse word for an elderly magician.
  • Freyja – The Norse goddess of love, known for her.
  • Skadi – The Goddess of Winter and Hunting.
  • Hyrrokkin – An incredibly strong giantess.
  • Herja – Devastate
  • Ama – Eagle.
  • Asta – Love.
  • Edda – Great grandmother.
  • Asta – The meaning of the name Arthur is: Noble; courageous.
  • Ari – It means lion.
  • Birna – meaning “bear”
  • Erik – The name Erik means Always Ruler  
  • Gunnar – The name Gunnar means fighter, soldier, and attacker.
  • Halle – Meaning “dweller at the hall meadow”.
  • Ivar – Warrior of Yngvi.
  • Jorund – Son of Hrafn the Foolish.
  • Karl – Meaning free man, strong man, man, manly.
  • Bjorn – The name means “bear”.
  • Leif – Meaning “heir”, “descendant”, “beloved”.
  • Frode – The meaning of the name is “clever, learned, wise”. 
  • Saga – Meaning “tale” or “story”.
  • Alf – Meaning “elf”.
  • Arne – Meaning Eagle.
  • Flosi – Meaning “frivolous”, “cheeky”.
  • Harald – Meaning “leader of the army”.
  • Olaf – Meaning “ancestor’s descendant”.
  • Sigrid – Meaning “victory”.
  • Frida – Meaning “peace”.

Irish mythology dog names

These cool Irish dog names are inspired by ancient Irish gods and goddesses, historic queens and kings, ancient Celtic religious leaders, and more.

  • Aengus – god possibly associated with love, youth and poetic inspiration.
  • Angus – meaning “one” and “choice”.
  • Arawn – Meaning: King Of The Otherworld. 
  • Badb – war goddess who caused fear and confusion among soldiers, often taking the form of a crow.
  • Balor – meaning: “the deadly one”. 
  • Banba – patron goddesses of Ireland.
  • Bodb Derg – king of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
  • Brigid – daughter of the Dagda; associated with healing, fertility, craft and poetry.
  • Clíodhna – queen of the Banshees.
  • Creidhne – artificer of the Tuatha Dé Danann, working in bronze, brass and gold.
  • Danu – mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
  • Dian Cecht – god of healing.
  • Goibniu – smith of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
  • Lir – god of the sea.
  • Luchtaine – carpenter of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
  • Lugh – legendary hero and High King of Ireland.
  • Macha – goddess associated with war, battle, horses and sovereignty.
  • Maine mac Darthacht – owner of a cloak fastened by eight stones.
  • Nuada Airgetlám – first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
  • Ogma – warrior-poet, said to have invented the Ogham alphabet.
  • The Dagda – supreme god and king of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
  • The Morrígan – goddess of battle, strife and fertility.
Roman mythology dog names
Roman mythology names for dogs

Roman mythology dog names

Dog names based on Roman mythology have been used since Roman mythology was still treated as truth. 

  • Aurora – goddess of Dawn.
  • Baccus – god of wine.
  • Belona – minor goddess of war.
  • Diana – goddess of hunting and witchcraft.
  • Minerva – goddess of wisdom.
  • Flora – goddess of flowers.
  • Janus – god of the beginning.
  • Jupiter – main god.
  • Mars – The name Mars means God Of War.
  • Quirinus – Quirinus is the Roman god of thunder and lightning.
  • Carmentis – The meaning of Carmentis is “mythical healer”. 
  • Ceres – Goddess of the harvest; Of the spring.
  • Falacer – was an ancient Italic god.
  • Furrina – was a Roman goddess.
  • Palatua – was a Roman goddess.
  • Pomona – was a goddess of fruitful abundance in ancient Roman religion and myth. 
  • Portunus – Portunus was the ancient Roman god of keys, doors, livestock and ports.
  • Vulcan – meaning “to flash”.
  • Volturnus – Volturnus was a god of the waters.
  • Saturn – In Roman mythology he was the father of Jupiter, Juno and others.
  • Genius – Spirit present at one’s birth.
  • Mercury – The messenger of the Gods.
  • Apollo – Apollo was the son of Zeus. Meaning “to destroy”. 
  • Neptune – Neptune was the god of the sea in Roman mythology.
  • Sol – Meaning “sun”.
  • Orcus – The mythical underworld.
  • Liber – Liber is the god of Roman mythology associated with the Greek god Dionysus. Meaning “book”.
  • Tellus – meaning “Earth”. The ancient Roman earth mother goddess.
  • Juno – Meaning “queen of heaven”. Juno was the equivalent of Hera in classical mythology, and the protector of women and of marriage.
  • Luna – It means Moon.
  • Venus – The Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  • Vesta – Goddess of the hearth.
Celtic mythology dog names
Celtic mythology names for dogs

Celtic mythology dog names

Find your new dog the perfect name by browsing our list of celtic mythical dog names.

  • Abellio – a god possibly connected with apple trees.
  • Aengus – The Youthful God of Love.
  • Aereda – a Gallic serpent god.
  • Aibell – the guardian spirit of the Dál gCais.
  • Airmed – goddess of healing and herbalism.
  • Alaunus – a god of healing and prophecy.
  • Ana – The Primordial Goddess of Nature.
  • Ankou – a god of death.
  • Anu – goddess of the earth and fertility.
  • Belenus – The Effulgent Sun God.
  • Boann – goddess of the river Boyne.
  • Brigid – The ‘Triple’ Goddess of Healing.
  • Caletos – a god of the herd.
  • Camulos – The God of War.
  • Canola – the mythical inventor of the harp, an Irish goddess of music, inspiration and dreams.
  • Caturix – war god of the Helvetii people.
  • Cernunnos – The Lord of the Wild Things.
  • Cissonius – a god of trade.
  • Cuslanus – a god associated with Jupiter.
  • Dagda – The Cheerful Chief of Gods.
  • Epona – The Protector Goddess of Horses.
  • Eriu/Eire – The Goddess of ‘Ireland’.
  • Esus – the God of vegetation.
  • Grannus – The God of Hot Springs.
  • Intarabus – a god of the Treveri people.
  • Lugus – The Courageous Warrior God.
  • Mórrígan – The Mysterious Goddess of Fate.
  • Ogmios – The God of Eloquence.
  • Taranis – The God of Thunder.
  • Toutatis – The Guardian God of Gauls.
Egyptian mythology names for dogs
Egyptian mythology names for dogs

Egyptian mythology dog names

  • Aker – A god of the earth and the east and west horizons of the Underworld.
  • Amun – A creator god.
  • Anhur – A god of war and hunting.
  • Aten – Sun disk.
  • Atum – A creator god and solar deity, first god of the Ennead.
  • Bennu – A solar and creator deity, depicted as a bird.
  • Geb – An earth god and member of the Ennead.
  • Hapi – Personification of the Nile flood.
  • Horus – A major god.
  • Khepri – A solar creator god.
  • Khnum – A ram god.
  • Khonsu – A moon god, son of Amun and Mut.
  • Maahes – A lion god, son of Bastet.
  • Montu – A god of war and the sun.
  • Nefertum – God of the lotus.
  • Nemty – Falcon god.
  • Neper – A god of grain.
  • Osiris – god of death and resurrection.
  • Ptah – A creator deity and god of craftsmen.
  • Ra – The sun god.
  • Set – An ambivalent god.
  • Shu – Embodiment of wind or air.
  • Sobek – Crocodile god.
  • Sopdu – A god of the sky and of Egypt’s eastern border regions.
  • Thoth – A moon god.
  • Wadj-wer – Personification of the Mediterranean sea or lakes of the Nile Delta.
  • Amunet – Female counterpart of Amun and a member of the Ogdoad.
  • Anuket – A goddess of Egypt’s southern frontier regions, particularly the lower cataracts of the Nile.
  • Bastet – Goddess represented as a cat or lioness.
  • Bat – Cow goddess from early in Egyptian history, eventually absorbed by Hathor.
  • Hathor – One of many forms of the Eye of Ra.
  • Heqet – Frog goddess said to protect women in childbirth.
  • Hesat – A maternal cow goddess.
  • Imentet – An afterlife goddess closely linked with Isis and Hathor.
  • Isis – Wife of Osiris and mother of Horus.
  • Ma’at – Goddess who personified truth, justice, and order.
  • Menhit – A lioness goddess.
  • Mut – Consort of Amun, worshipped at Thebes.
  • Neith – A creator and hunter goddess, patron of the city of Sais in Lower Egypt.
  • Nut – A sky goddess, a member of the Ennead.
Hindu mythology names for dogs
Hindu mythology names for dogs

Hindu mythology dog names

  • Abhimanyu – Arjuna’s son with Subhadra who married Uttara, daughter of King Virata. 
  • Acharya – Teacher. 
  • Achuta – Imperishable. 
  • Adhiratha – Karna’s foster-father. 
  • Adi Shankara – The first Hindu philosopher who consolidated the principles of the Advaita Vedanta. 
  • Aditi – A goddess of the sky, consciousness, the past, the future and fertility. 
  • Agneyastra – Agneyastra is the fire weapon, incepted by God Agni, master of the flames. 
  • Agni – Hindu fire god. 
  • Agnihotra – A sacrifice to God Agni. 
  • Ahi – Means snake. 
  • Airavata – Lord Indra’s white elephant. 
  • Ajatasatru – Having no enemy, friend of all born things, an epithet for Yudhishthira. 
  • Amaravati – The city of Indra. 
  • Amarkantak – The place from where the Narmada River, the Sone River and Johila River emerge. 
  • Amba – The three daughters of King of Benares, Eldest daughter Amba was in love with King Shalwa 
  • Amrit – The food of the gods, which makes one immortal. 
  • Ananta – The thousand headed snake, Adisesha. Author and commentator of Katyayana sutra.

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