Manly dog names: Cute, cool, great for male dog

Looking for a manly dog name for your dog? Here are 100+ manliest male dog names and will maintain your male pooch’s dignity too.

The best male dog name for your dog is the one you love and don’t be afraid to scream in public. No matter where you are inspired, finding the perfect name for the newest member of the family is a moment of satisfaction.

Here are several options of manly dog names and meaning for you to choose from:

Top 10 manly dog names

  • Max – A short form of the Latin Maximilian, from Maximus, meaning “the greatest”
  • Charlie – Charlie’s meaning is “free man”.
  • Cooper – The meaning of Cooper is “barrel maker”.
  • Buddy – The name Buddy means You and is of American origin.
  • Rocky – Meaning “rest”.
  • Duke – Duke is a surname meaning “the leader” or “son of Marmaduke”.
  • Brutus – The name Blake means Pale Blond One Or Dark.
  • Beau – The name Beau means Beautiful, Handsome.
  • Milo – Milo means “gracious” or “soldier” (from Miles) or “rival”.
  • Bear – The meaning of the name “Bear” is: “Strong, brave bear”.
manly dog names for small dogs
Manly dog names for small dogs

Cute manly dog names

  • Angel – Meaning “angel” Or The name Angel means Messenger Of God.
  • Angus – Meaning “one”, and “choice”.
  • Ansel – Follower of a nobleman.
  • Alfie – The name Alfie means “counsel” and is considered “wise”.
  • Basil – Meaning: “the willowlands”,”Thick brush”.
  • Caleb – Hebrew, means faithful.
  • Blue – The name Beau means “Beautiful”, “Handsome”.
  • Asher – Meaning of Asher is “ash wood” / “one who lives near an ash tree or grove”. The Hebrew meaning of Asher is “happy”.
  • A.J. – Meaning “unconquerable”.
  • Ali – The name Ali means “Supreme” and is of Arabic origin. 
  • Ames – Meaning a friend or a beloved.
  • Amos – Meaning ‘borne by God’.
  • Prince – Meaning “chief, prince”.
  • Babe – The Meaning of Babe is “foreign”. 
  • Jesse – Meaning “King” or “God exists” or “Lord God’s in-law gift”.
  • Bodhi – Meaning “enlightenment”, “awakening”, “knowing”.
  • Zebedee – Meaning “gift of God”.
  • Abu – Meaning “father of struggle”.
  • Alden – Meaning “old friend”
  • Champ – Meaning “warrior”.
  • Chance – Meaning “fortune”, “luck”.
  • Cody – Meaning “helpful, pillow”.

Cool manly dog names

Good male dog names are usually easy to pronounce and do not match any command you may want them to learn later. Traditional human names are a great way to find something easy to hear. And so are the classic male dogs like Ace, Ajax, Axel. The options have been popular for dogs for many years.

  • Ace – The name Ace means “one, unity”., Unity is a nickname given to an outstanding person.
  • Admiral – Meaning “A high rank in the navy”.
  • Ajax – The name Adonis is of Greek origin. Meaning “Lord”.
  • Axel – Meaning “dawn”.
  • Blake – Meaning “baker”.
  • Archer – Meaning “to destroy”.
  • Ares – The meaning of the name Aramis is: Fictional swordsman.
  • Brick – Beeth means ‘beetroot’ and Hoven means “farm”.
  • Harley – The name Roxy means Dawn.
  • Apache – It means “enemy” or “the people”.
  • Argos – Meaning “vigilant guardian”.
  • Aslan – The meaning of Aslan is “lion”.
  • Atlas – The meaning of Atlas is “to carry”. 
  • Atom – Meaning indivisible
  • Augustus – Meaning “majestic,” “the increaser,” or “venerable”.
  • Boomer – Meaning “gatekeeper”.
  • Dash – Meaning “to run quickly”.
  • Denver – The meaning of Denver is “green valley”.
  • Dre – Meaning “man”.
  • Harper – Meaning “harp player”.

Great manly dog names

  • Caden – The meaning of Caden is “little battle, spirit of battle”.
  • Samson – Meaning “sun”.
  • Acorn – “Fruit of the unenclosed land”.
  • Sam – Meaning “God” or “heard” or “God has heard”.
  • Ferris – Meaning “rock”.
  • Wilson – Meaning “desire” and “helmet”, “protection”.
  • Lando – The name Lando means Famous Land.
  • Dant – The meaning of Dante is “lasting, enduring”. 
  • Maguire – Nickname.
  • Samuel – Meaning: God has heard, Name of God.
  • Sambo –  Meaning “told by God”.
  • Pebble – The name Pebbles means Small Rocks.
  • Frodo – Meaning “wise by experience”.
  • Kerwin – The meaning of Kerwin is “little dark one”.
  • Beetle – Meaning “clearing where beet is grown” from the Old English words “bete” + “leah”.
  • Nugget – Meaning “Gift from god”.
  • Spark –  Meaning “sprightly”, “vivacious”. 
  • Dalton – Meaning “the settlement in the valley”.
  • Edwin – The name Edwin means “rich friend”.

Strong manly dog names

  • Besnick – Albanian, means loyal.
  • Caleb – Hebrew, means faithful.
  • Cal – French, means faithful.
  • Tucker – Meaning “to torment”.
  • Baxter – Meaning “baker”
  • Zeus – The name Lucy means Light. Alternative spellings are Luci, Luce, Lucie, Lucia.
  • Blue – The name Beau means “Beautiful”, “Handsome”.
  • Rocky – Meaning “rest”.
  • Diesel – Nala means in African “queen” and “lion”, in Arabic “honey bee” and in Sanskrit “stem”.
  • Apollo – Meaning ‘sea’ or ‘water’ Or Meaning “man of Adria”.
  • Thor – Thor means “thunder”, “god of thunder”.
  • Blitz – Meaning “she who brings happiness; blessed”.
  • Koda – Koda means “friend”.
  • Trooper – “one who endures adversity”.
  • Admiral – Meaning “A high rank in the navy”.
  • Bolt – Meaning “Hill”,”lock” and “to run away”.
  • Boss – a “person in charge” or  “excellent”.
manly dog names for big dogs
Manly dog names for big dogs

Super manly dog names

  • Arthur – The meaning of the name Archer is: Bow, a bowman.
  • Drew – As a male name, it is a shortened version of Andrew. Meaning “strong and manly”.
  • Hunter – Meaning “one who hunts”.
  • Brock – Meaning “badger”.
  • Ethan – Meaning “firm, enduring, strong and long-lived”.
  • Ezra – Meaning: “Help”, “Helpful”, “Helper”.
  • Gage – Means someone who is a pledge or a money lender.
  • Griffin – Meaning “descendant of the Griffin-like”.
  • Rhett – Meaning “advice”.
  • Ryker – The name Ryker means Becoming Rich.
  • Talon – Meaning “large claw of a bird of prey”.
  • Titus – Meaning “title of honour”.
  • Wyatt – Meaning “brave warrior”.
  • Xander – Meaning “defending men”.
German Pinschers dog

Really manly dog names

What are some really manly dog names? I know I’ll have a male dog and I want a manly name. Here are some truly manly dog names for your male puppy.

  • Indigo – Meaning: “Indian dye”.
  • Jazz – A kind of music of African-American origin.
  • Ansel – Follower of a nobleman.
  • Kai – In Māori, kai means “food” or “meal”. In Swahili, Kai is a female name meaning “lovable”. In Swedish, Kai is a male name meaning “rejoice”. In Tamil, kai means vegetables or cooked vegetables.
  • Kingston – “king’s settlement”.
  • Luca – It means man (or citizen) from Lucania.
  • Romeo – The name Romeo is: Pilgrim from Rome.
  • Theo – Gift of God.
  • Blade – From the Vampire Movies.
  • Boba Fett – From the Star Wars Movies.
  • Bodhi – Sanskrit name which means “enlightened”.
  • Atticus Ancient philosopher.
  • Banksy  – Elusive political graffiti artist.
  • Gryffindor – A house in the Harry Potter stories.
  • Han Solo – A character from the Star Wars Movies.
  • Jon Snow – Well-known character from the Game of Thrones series.
  • Obi-Wan – Character from the Star Wars movies.
  • Ochre A type of red paint.
  • Onyx A tough black mineral.
  • Optimus Prime – A character from the transformers movies.
  • Michelangelo Famous artist.
  • Salvador – Famous painter which created weirdly disturbing pieces. 
  • Sativa – A type of Cannabis.
  • Rembrandt Famous Dutch painter.
  • Scooby Doo – Well-known cartoon dog.
  • Topaz – A type of crystal.
  • Vincent – A famous painter.
  • Alabaster – Meaning someone who provided armed service with a crossbow.
  • Boone –  Meaning of Boone is “good”.
  • Canvas – Meaning “hemp”.

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