Male Dog Names with meaning

Are you looking for the most popular male dog names and their meanings? We have 20 Male Dog names with meanings.

You have purchased your new puppy and are looking for a nice, unique and meaningful name for them. This is not really an easy thing. There are many names, but to choose the one you like and suitable for your puppy, requires you to choose carefully based on a number of criteria.

Some naming criteria for male dogs:

  • The name you choose is not too syllable: Try to keep the name you choose for your puppy to no more than two syllables – or up to three.
  • Find a name that matches your puppy’s personality.
  • Avoid names that are similar to training commands.
  • Choose names with good meaning

Below is a list of 20 common male dog names and what they mean. Please read carefully through 1 turn to choose the best and most unique name for the new puppy.

Puppy Dog Boy
Puppy Dog Boy

1. Ace

  • Origin of the name Ace: It is of Latin origin, and originally meant one unit or one.
  • Meaning of the Name Ace: ACE means “Excellent”, Ace means “highest rank” in English and “defending men” in Macedonian.
  • Nicknames: “One,Unity”, a nickname given to an outstanding person.
  • Related names Ace: Axel, Blaze, Jax, Jett, Harley, Ryder.

2. Apollo

  • Origin of the name Apollo: The name Apollo is derived from Greece. Is the name of the Greek sun god.
  • Meaning of the Name Apollo: Apollo means “The terminator”, “Conqueror”
  • Nicknames: Pauley, Paulie, Pauly, Pollo, Polo
  • Related names Apollo: Phoebus, Smintheus, Delian, Loxias

3. Axel

  • Origin of the name Axel: Derived from the Hebrew language( “av” = father + “shalom” = peace)
  • Meaning of the Name Axel: Axel is a compound word for Absalom in the Bible. Meaning “mighty”
  • Nicknames: Axe
  • Related names Axel: Absalom, Alexander.
Bailey is a good name for male dogs
Bailey is a good name for male dogs

4. Bailey

  • Origin of the name Bailey: The name Bailey comes from the Normans of Beleau. It later spread to England, Ireland and Scotland.The name Bailey is used for both men and women in the United States.
  • Meaning of the Name Bailey: Bailiff, Steward.
  • Nicknames: Bails, Bailey boo, Bay, Bailey bear, Bai.
  • Related names Bailey: Bailee, Baily, Baili, Baley, Baillie, Bellew.

5. Bandit

  • Origin of the name Bandit: The name is of American origin.
  • Meaning of the Name Bandit: The name Bandit means Thief or Bandit.
  • Nicknames: Snowbird Bandit,  Paint By Numbers Bandit.
  • Related names Bandit: Legend, Rocket, Kodiak, Explorer, Ryo, Raiden.

6. Baxter

  • Origin of the name Baxter: Baxter is an Anglo-Saxon and Scottish name.
  • Meaning of the Name Baxter: Baxter means baker.
  • Nicknames: Bax, Baxie
  • Related names Baxter: Bakster, Baxstar.

7. Bear

  • Origin of the name Bear:The name Bear means bear breed and is native to America.
  • Meaning of the Name Bear: The meaning of the name “Bear” is: “A brave, strong bear”.
  • Nicknames: Baby Bear, Fuzzy Bear.
  • Related names Bear: Armel, Art, Arthur…
Bear strong name for male dogs
Bear strong name for male dogs

8. Beau

  • Origin of the name Beau: The name Beau is of French origin. It has been used as a certain name since the mid-20th century.
  • Meaning of the Name Beau: the meaning of the name Beau is Handsome or dashing. Famous names: 19th century British Beau Brummell, AKA George Bryan Brummell; The fictional hero of the French Foreign Legion, Beau Geste.
  • Nicknames: Bo
  • Related names Beau: Luke, Jack, Wyatt, Brady, Benjamin, Ethan, Blake…

9. Benji

  • Origin of the name Benji: Benji is of Hebrew origin.
  • Meaning of the Name Benji: Meaning “son of the right hand or son of the south”.
  • Nicknames: Ben, Benvolio.
  • Related names Benji: Ben, Benj, Benjy , Bennie, Benny….

10. Brutus

  • Origin of the name Brutus: The name Brutus is of Roman origin.
  • Meaning of the Name Brutus: The Brutus names mean “heavy, dull”.
  • Related names Brutus: Aluin, Bambee, Martino, Efraim, Butler, Boyer, Hackett, Alvie.

11. Buck

  • Origin of the name Buck: The name Buck is derived from Old English before the 7th century “Bucca” a male goat or “bucc” a deer man, and could have originated as a nickname for a man.
  • Meaning of the Name Buck: Buck means—you guessed it—male deer. If your little tyke is energetic, lively, and all-around spirited, Buck might be just the nickname he needs.
  • Nicknames Buck: Buckster, XxBuck, Buck, Blackbuck, Beaver, Deer.
  • Related names Buck: Ripp, Tank, Flat, Damon, Aaron, Alan, Kevin, Jake, Dameon.

12. Buddy

  • Origin of the name Buddy: The name Buddy originates from America
  • Meaning of the Name Buddy: The name Buddy means “friend” or “good friend”.
  • Nicknames Buddy: Bud
  • Related names Buddy: Amigo, Mate, Friend, Companion, Bub, Bro, Bud.

13. Charlie

  • Origin of the name Charlie: Charlie’s name is derived from the word ceorl in Old English and Karl in German
  • Meaning of the Name Charlie: The name Charlie means “free man”. A nice name to give to male dogs.
  • Nicknames Charlie: Char, Chaz.
  • Related names Charlie:  Charles, Charley, Chuck.
Strong Boy Dog Names - Strong male Dog Names
The name Charlie means “free man”. A nice name to give to male dogs.

14. Cooper

  • Origin of the name Cooper: The name is derived from the English couper, cowper, which is an imitation of the Dutch Chinese kuper, a variant of kup, meaning “bath” or “container”.
  • Meaning of the Name Cooper: Cooper’s best surname means: Enthusiasm, Replication, Luck, Serious, Cheerful.
  • Nicknames Cooper: Coop, coopy, cooper trooper, Coop dog, coops, Coop dogg
  • Related names Cooper: Parker, Carter, Cole, Jackson, Dylan, Hunter, Sawyer, Hudson.

15. Duke

  • Origin of the name Duke: Dukes is an abbreviation of the Duke family originating from medieval England, of Anglo-Norman origin.
  • Meaning of the Name Duke: The name Duke means “leader”.
  • Nicknames Duke: Douk, Duc, Doke
  • Related names Duke: Sir, Earl, Shepherd.

16. Jack

  • Origin of the name Jack: The name Jack is of English origin. It can also be derived from Jacques, the French form for Jacob or James.
  • Meaning of the Name Jack: Meaning “God Is Gracious” or “Supplanter”. During the Middle Ages, it was very popular, and it became a slang word meaning “man”.
  • Nicknames Jack: Jackie, Jacky
  • Related names Jack: John, Jacob, Jackie, James, Jackson, Johnny, Jacqueline, Jacques, Jake, Jay, Jaco, Jacobi, Johann, Johannes, Jan, Joachim, Séamus, Séan.

17. Max

  • Origin of the name Max: A short form of Maximilian in Latin.
  • Meaning of the Name Max: The word Maximus, which means “greatest”. Also used as a shortened form of the English name Maxwell, meaning “stream of Maccus”. Max is a masculine name often given to dogs in male dogs.
  • Nicknames Max: Maixto, Maximus, LilMaxy, Maxipad, Maxibear, Maxipoo, Maximoos.
  • Related names Max: Maxim, Maximilian, Maximiliaan, Maxwell, Maksim, Maxim. 
Dog Names for Black male
Max is a masculine name often given to dogs in male dogs.

18. Milo

  • Origin of the name Milo: Milo is an old German variant of the first English name Miles, but also a brief form of the names Emilio, Emil and Camillo.The ancient name Milo has been steadily gaining popularity since 2001 and is now the most searched name for the male breed.
  • Meaning of the Name Milo: Milo means “gracious” or “soldier” (from Miles) or “rival” (from Emilio/Emil). In Greek the name Milo means “Terminator”.
  • Related names Milo: Miles, Emilio, Emil.

19. Rocky

  • Origin of the name Rocky: Rocky is the name of the original Italian. Today the name is used for English; German; American.
  • Meaning of the Name Rocky: This name is given to male dogs. The name Rocky means “The Rest”.
  • Nicknames Rocky: Robert, Roberto.
  • Related names Rocky: Tommy, Son, Starsha, Aela, Carlitos, Delbert, Tyraine.

20. Tucker

  • Origin of the name Tucker: The name Tucker comes from Old English, the pre-7th Century tucian verb. 
  • Meaning of the Name Tucker: Originally from the old English term “tucian” meaning “to torment.” It refers to softening fabric by beating and stepping on the fabric in water.
  • Nicknames Tucker: Tuck, Tuckie, Taco, Tuckdogg, tuckles, Tukker.
  • Related names Tucker: Fletcher, Turner, Parker, Cooper, Deacon, Grady, Brady, Barrett.
Male Dog Names With Meaning
Male Dog Names With Meaning

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