Korean Dog Names: 300+ Ideas for Female and Male Dogs

Looking for Korean girl/boy dog names? Here is a collection of most popular Korean female/male dog names.

Korean is one of the most beautiful and cultured places in the world. With the most amazing food, we must add. And this lends itself to so many interesting names.

No matter what your inspiration, whether it’s Korean heritage, Korean dog names are always a good choice when exploring options for your new pup.

Below is a list of male / female dog names and their meanings to help you choose the best names for your puppy.

dog names male korean
Dog names Male Korean

Korean dog names Male

Ah-In – “second” and “Asia”

Ahnjong – “tranquility”

Bada – “sea”

Baek – “Brother”

Baek-Hyeon – “virtuous” and “worthy”

Baram – “wind”

Beom – “A model”

Beom-Gyu – “vulgarity”

Beom-Seok – “pattern” and “bestow”

Bin – “cultivated” and “well-bred”

Bitgram – “river”

Bo-Gyeong – “begin”, “man”, “great”, “treasure”, “rare”, “brilliance”, “luster of gem”

Bo-Hui – “father”, “wide”, “beauty”, “bright”

Bong – “A mythical bird”

Bon-Hwa – “Glorious”

Busan – “Korean city”

Byeol – “star”

Chan-Hyeok – “vivid”, “bright”, and “glowing”

Chan-Seong – “flourishing”, “vivid”, and “bright”

Chansol – “evergreen tree”

Chan-U – “bright” and “protect”

Chan-Yeol – “illuminating”, “fiery”, “violent”, and “ardent”

Cheol – “iron”, “bright”, “pure”, “harvest”, “wheel track”, “weave”, “convex”, “wise”, and “eyesight”

Cheol-Su – “wise”, “ear of grain”, “flowering”, “refined”, and “graceful”

Chil-Hyeon – “seven”, “shine”, and “flaunt”

Chi-Won – “send”, “deliver”, “distant”

Chul – “Neither hard nor soft”

Chul-Soon – “sagacious”, “wise man”, and “honest”

Chung-Ae – “Noble and love”

Chung-Jae – “loyalty”, “devotion”, and “decrease”

Da-Bin – “many” and “cultivated”

Dae – “Greatness”

Daegu – “A city in south korea”

Daeshim – “The greatest mind”

Dak-Ho – “A deep lake”

Dal – “moon”

Darangee – “Its eye-catching rice terraces”

Do – “manner” and “degree”

Dong – “East”

Dong-Wan – “heat”, “whole”, and “complete”

Do-Yeong – “path”, “method”, “long”, and “forever”

Du-Hwan – “liquid measure”, “shining”, and “lustrous”

Eo-Jin – “compassionate” and “benevolent”

Eun – “kindness”, “mercy”, and “charity”

Eun-Seong – “great”, “abundant”, “sincere”, and “true”

Eutteum – “the best”

Garam – “river”

Geon – “construct”, “strong”, “respect”

Geun – “near” and “foundation”

Gi – “rise”, “stand up”, “banner”, “flag, and “begin”

Gippeum – “pleasure”, “joy”, and “happiness”

Gojo – “Inspired by the first ever kingdom of korea”

Gook – “Nation”

Gwang – “light”, “brilliant”, and “shine”

Gyeong-Eun – “congratulate”, “celebrate”, “scenery”, “kindness”, “charity”, “silver”

Gyu-Hui – “the stride of a person”, “bright”, “splendid”, and “glorious”

Hae – “sea” and “ocean”

Haengbogi – “Happy”

Haenguni – “Lucky”

Hak – “learning”, “knowledge”, and “school”

Hak-Kun – “A person with literary roots”

Han – “fence” and “Korea”

Haneul – “Heavenly”, “sky”

Hangil – “one way” and “one direction”

Han-Gyeol – “always” and “everlasting”

Hangyu – “peaceful”, “calm”, and “grand”

Hanjae – “wide”, “extensive”, and “to rule”

Han-Jin – “a rare opportunity for resentment” – yes, this is a real name.

Han-Sol – “big pine tree”

Haru – “One day”

Ha-Seon – “river”, “declare”, and “announce”

Hayangi – “Whitey”

Heendungi – “Whitish”

Him – “strength”

Himchan – “powerful”, “energetic”, and “vigorous”

Ho – “tiger”, “brave”, “bright”, and “clear”

Hong-Bin – “enlarge”, “liberal”, “cultivated”, “well-bred”

Hong-Gi – “vast”, “immense”, “flood”, “foundation”, and “base”

Hong-Gyu – “a clear, deep pool of water” and “stride of man”

Hongjoong – “to be the center of the broad world”

Honja – “alone”

Hoon – “Teaching”

Horang-i – “Tiger”

Ho-Seok – “Strong and heaven”

Hudu – “Walnut”

Hwan – “Bright and shining”

Hwindungi – “White”

Hye – “bright or intelligent”

Hyeon – “Virtuous”

Hyuk – “Radiant”

Hyun – “Intelligent and bright”

Hyun – “wise”

Hyun Ki – “Clever, wise, expert, and intelligent”

Hyun Shik – “Smart, brilliant, and clever”

HyunKi – “Clever, wise, expert, and intelligent

HyunShik – “Smart, brilliant, clever”

Incheon – “Kind river”

In-Su – “Preserving wisdom”

Iseul – “Dew”

Jae – “talent”

Jae – “Wealthy”

Jae-Hee – “Shining”

Jashik – “Child”

Jeju – “An exotic island in korea”

Jeong – “Serene”

Ji – “Wisdom”

Ji-Ho – “brave or wisdom”

Ji-Hun – “various, but can be a combination of intelligence and status”

Jin – “real”, “true”, and “genuine”, “Precious”

Jong – “clock” and “bell”

Jong-Seok – “Great and eminent”

Joon – “Immense talent”

Ju – “precious stone”, “pearl”, “gem”, “jewel”

Jum – “King’ or ‘ruler”

Jun – “talented” and “handsome”

Jung – “Righteous”

Ki – “Rising”

Kkulbbangi – “Delicious”

Kwan – “Powerful”

Kwang – “Wild”

Kyu – “fortune”, “health”, and “spirituality”, “Standard”

Kyung – “Respected”

Makki – “Slang for youngest one”

Min-ho – “brave and heroic”

Min-Jun – “clever and talented “

Miso – “Korean for smile”

Mongshil – “Fluffy”

Myeong – “Bright”

Rim – “grove”

Sagwa – “Apple”

Seo-Jin – “Omen”

Seok – “great”, “eminent”, “large”, and “massive”,”Rock”, “Stone”

Seong – “Finished”

Seoul – “Capital of south korea”

Seulgi – “wisdom”

Seung – “winning”

Si-woo – “various, but can be a combination of start and protector”

Suk – “rock, stone”, “Like a rock”

Sun – “Goodness”

Sung – “Victorious”

Sunja – “Meek and mild”

Su-won – “defend, protect”

Suwon – “Korean metropolis”

Su-Won – “To defend or protect”

Tae-Hui – “Big or great”

U – “rain”, “help”, and “house”

Uk – “brilliance” and “radiant”

Ulsan – “The largest korean cities”

Un – “clouds”

Upo – “Located near nakdong river”

U-Yeong – “glory, honor”

Wook – “Sunrise”

Woong – “Magnificence”

Ye-Jun – “talented “

Yeo – “Mildness”

Yeon – “flowing”, “engulfing”, and “brimming”

Young – “forever” and “prosperity”, “Brave”

Yu-Jin – “precious, valuable”

Yun – “Soft”

korean female dog names and meanings
Korean Female dog names and meanings

Korean Female dog names

Below are the names and meanings of the Korean female dogs.

Ae – “love”

Ae-Cha – “A loving daughter”

Areum – “beauty”

Bada – “Sea or ocean”

Bae – “inspiration”

Baekdu – “The highest mountain in korea”

Baram – “Wind”

Beodeul – “willow”

Bitna – “Shining”

Bo – “jewel”, “precious”, and “treasure”

Bo-A – “refined jewel”, “elegant”, “rare”, and “graceful”

Bokshiri – “Fluffy”

Bom – “spring” and “springtime”

Bo-mi – “beautiful, pretty”

Bomi – “Springtime”

Bong Cha – “ultimate girl”

Bora – “purple”

Boram – “valuable” and “worthwhile”

Byeol – “Star”

Chae – “variegated colors”

Chae-Yeon – “beautiful”

Chan-Mi – “praise”

Chansol – “cold” and “brush”

Chin – “Precious”

Chin-Sun – “Goodness and truthfulness”

Cho – “Beautiful”

Cho-A – “grass”, “straw”, “thatch”, “herbs”, and “good”

Chohui – “clear” and “female”

Choon-Hee – “Born in spring”, “spring girl”

Cho-Rong – “silk-covered lantern”

Chorong – “sparkling”

Chun – “spring”

Chung Cha – “Noble”

Chun-Hei – “Grace and justice”

Chun-Ja – “sping child”

Daegu – “A city in south korea”

Da-Eun – “kindness”, “mercy”, “silver”

Dahae – “many” and “sea”

Dahui – “excellent”, “better”, “love”, “grace”, “beautiful”, “wise”, “intelligent”, and “wisdom”

Dal-Rae – “fruit of the Actinidiaceae plant” and perhaps “soothing” as well

Danbi – “To welcome rain”

Dasom – “Kim dasom it means love”

Dasom – “love”

Da-Ye – “diverse”, “versatile”, and “multi-talented”

Deok-Hye – “ethics”, “morality”, “virtue”, “favor”, and “benefit”

Deokman – “virtuous”, “worthy”, “good”, and “simple”

Do-Hui – “elegant”, “refined”, and “bright”

Dubu – “Tofu”

Eui – “righteousness”

Eun – “silver”

Eun-A – “kindness”, “mercy”, “charity”, and “refined”

Eun-Byeol – “silver star”

Eun-Ha – “galaxy”

Eun-Hui – “silver”, “kindness”, many”, “beauty”, “glimmer”, “warm”, and “joy”

Eun-Hye – “grace”

Eun-Jae – “talent” and “kindness”

Eun-Ji – “various, but can be a combination of kindness with intelligence”

Gaeul – “fall” and “autumn”, “beautiful”

Ga-Yeong – “beautiful flower”

Ga-Yun – “excellent” and “to consent”

Geurim – “beautiful jade”

Gi – “Brave”

Goeun – “grate favor” or “deep kindness”

Goo – “To complete someone”

Guk-Ju – “nation” and “master”

Gureum – “Cloud”

Gyeong – “brilliance” and “luster of gem”

Gyeo-Wool – “winter”

Hae – “The ocean”

Haebitna – “sunshine” and “sun”

Haengbogi – “Happy”

Haenguni – “Lucky”

Ha-eun – “kindness, mercy”

Hae-Won – “A beautiful garden”

Haewon – “sea”

Ha-I – “afar”, “old”, and “harmony”

Hana – “one”

Han-Bit – “big star”

Haneul – “Heaven”

Han-Gyeol – “always”

Haru – “Day”

Hayan – “Pale or white”

Hayan – “white”

Hayangi – “Whitey”

Hea – “grace”

Heejin – “pleasure”, “precious”, “enjoyment”, and “pearl”

Heendungi – “Whitish”

Hei – “Grace”

Hei-Ran – “A graceful orchid”

Heonae – “to show”, “display”, “sad”, and “sorrow”

Heyoon – “wise” and “beautiful”

Hoe – “Korean dish”

Ho-Sook – “Clear lake”

Hui – “beauty” and “bright”

Hwa – “flowery”, “illustrious”, and “blossoms”

Hwindungi – “White”

Hye – “Wisdom and intelligence”

Hyun – “Virtuous”

In – “humaneness” and “kindness”

In-Na – “Yoo-in-na as it means delicate”,”graceful and delicate”

Iseul – “Dew”

Ja – “child”

Ji – “wisdom”, “earth”, and “ground”

Ji-a – “wisdom and knowledge”

Joo – “Jewel”

Ki – “Rising”

Kkot – “flower”

Kuri – “Copper”

Kwan – “strong”

Kwittegi – “Ear taken off”

Kyu – “fortune” and “health”

Kyung – “Respected”

Kyungri – “capital city” and “respect”

Maeum – “mind” and “heart”

Makki – “Slang for youngest one”

Maleun – “dry”

Mari – “mountaintop”

Mee – “beauty”

Mi – “beautiful”, “pretty”, and “pleasing”

Mi Kyong – “Beauty and brightness”

Mi Sun – “A combination of beauty and goodness”

Mi-Cha – “A beautiful girl”

Mi-Eun – “beauty”, “charm”, “kindness”, and “silver”

Mi-Hi – “Beautiful and joyful”

Mihye – “beauty”

Min – “Clever, quick-minded, and responding”, “smart or clever”

Min-Jee – “Brightness and wisdom”

Mishil – “A beautiful kingdom”

Miso – “Korean for smile”

Mi-Yeon – “beautiful”, “pleasing”, “seductive”, “beautiful”. This was also the name of a famous singer in South Korea.

Mi-Young – “Everlasting beauty”

Mongsil-i – “Fluffy like a cloud”

Myung – “Clear”

Myyung-Hwa – “bright”, “light”, and “flower”

Nam-Sun – “Honest and pure”

Nari – “Lily flower”

Nun-i – “Nun which means snow”

Nureongi – “Yellowish”

Ogboon – “Jade”

Podo – “Grape”

Ra – “net for catching birds”

Sang – “Mutual”

Sarangi – “Lovely”

Seok-Yeong – “petal, flower”

Seong – “Finished”

Seonggye – “Sea urchin”

Shin – “Belief”

So-Hui – “splendid, glorious”

Soo – “Noble, kind, and charitable”

Sook – “Pure”

So-Ra – “conch shell”

Sung – “successor”

Sunja – “Meek and mild”

Taebaek – “A smaller korean mountain”

Won – “first”, “dollar”, “origin”, and “head” or “beautiful woman”

Wonsoongi – “Monkey”

Wook – “Sunrise”

Ye-Jin – “precious and valuable”

Yeon – “gulf” and “deep”

Yeong – “luster of a gem”,  “crystal”, “petal”, “flower”, “leaf”, and “brave”

Yun – “Lotus flower”Yu-na – “to endure”

Cute Dog names Korean

Cute Korean dog names

Here are cute, funny Korean dog names for your puppy.

Ae – “love” 

Aegiya – “Baby”

Aein – “Sweetheart”

Ah-In – “second” and “Asia”

Ahnjong – “tranquility”

Bada – “sea”

Baek-Hyeon – virtuousand worthy

Baram – wind

Beodeul – “willow” 

Bitna – “shining” 

Bo – “jewel”, “precious”, and “treasure”

Bo-mi – pretty

Bong-Cha – the ultimate girl

Boram – worthy or valuable

Byeol – star

Chingu – friend

Choon-Hee – Denoting one who born in springtime

Chung Cha – Noble daughter

Chun-Hei – Elegance and justice

Dae – greatness

Dak-Ho – deep lake

Dan – sweet

Du-Hu – Goodness

Eun – silver

Eun-Jung – Affection

Gae – dog

Geomeun – black

Geon – strength

Gongjunim – “Princess”

Goo – to complete someone

Gyeoul – winter

Hayan  – white

Hea – Grace

Heangbogi – Happy and is a sweet

Ho-Seok – strong, heaven

Hwan – shining and bright

In-Su – preserving wisdom

Jae-Hee – shining

Jag-eun – small

Jagiya – “Honey” or “Baby”

Jakda – little

Joeun – good

Jong-Seok – great, eminent

Jwi – mouse

Kyu – standard

Mee – Beautiful

Min-ho – brave and heroic

Nae sarang – “My Love”

Naekkeo – “Mine” or “My Sweetheart”

Noran – yellow

Nun – snow

Saja – lion

Seulgi – Wisdom

Seung – Winning

U-Yeong – Glory and honor

Wangjanim – “Prince”

Wonsoongi – Monkey

Yeobo – “Honey” or “Darling”

Yeppeun – pretty

Yong – Brave

Yu-Jin – Precious

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