German Shepherd Names: 266 Ideas for Female and Male Dogs

Here are some German names and their meanings that may suit a German Shepherd. If you are looking for German Shepherd names based on common German names, check out this list.

Bringing home your German Shepherd puppy is one of the most exciting parts of dog ownership. One of your first tasks, as a pet-parent, will be to give him his name.

When naming your German Shepherd puppy, you might be hunting for best, unique names. Discover great names for the German Shepherd dog below.

Top 266 German Shepherd Names for Female and Male Dogs.

Abby – The name is derived from Hebrew. Meaning “my father joy”, “my father is exultation”, or “my father is joy”

Ace – The name Ace means “one, unity”., Unity is a nickname given to an outstanding person.

Ada – Meaning of “noble, nobility”, “kind”,”adornment”. Ada in the Hebrew Bible means “adornment”.

Addie – also noble, nobility

Adelle – A name that originated as a shortened form of Adelheid and Adelaide (nobility).

Adler – Brave noble,eagle.

Admiral – Meaning “A high rank in the navy”.

Adolph – noble wolf

Albern – white

Albert – Meaning “noble and bright”, composed of the elements adal “noble” and beraht “bright”.

Albrecht – also means noble, bright, “famous”.

Aldo – old one, elder, wise.

Alexia  – defender” or “defender of men”.

Alfred – counselor

Choose a German Shepherd dog Name That Ends With a Vowel.

cute german shepherd names
Cute German Shepherd Names

Alger – clever warrior

Alphonse – noble, ready for battle

Alvin – noble friend, friend of the elves

Amadeus – Lover of God. Nicknames for Amadeus. Meaddy.

Amelia – The name Amelia means Work.

Andre – Andrew is often shortened to “Andy” or “Drew”. This word is derived from Greek. The name means “masculine”, “brave”, “strong”, “courageous” and “warrior”.

Anka – Grace, purse, favour, Apricot from Nara, Grain.

Annette – the Lord has favored me

Annika – “graceful” and “favor” .

Apollo – Meaning “sea” or “water” Or Meaning “man of Adria”.

Arlo – The name Arlo means Hill 

Arnold – It is composed of the Germanic elements arn “eagle” and wald “power, brightness”, “ruler”, “strong”.

Arvin – “people”s friend”, “friend to all” and possibly as well “friend of the eagle”.

German Shepherd tend to respond better to names with two syllables. They’re not short enough to be confused for a cue like sit, down, or come.

best german shepherd names
Best German Shepherd Names

Asia – The meaning of the name Asia is: Lively; The rising sun.

Aslan – The name Aslan means Lion.

Astrid – Beautiful, fair, divinely beautiful.

Athena – The meaning of the name Ash is: Happy.

Aubrey – noble

August – Meaning “esteemed” or “venerable”,” great, magnificent”.

Ava – The name Ava means Like A Bird.

Axel – “father of peace”,”peaceful”,”dawn”

Bach – “dweller near the brook”. 

Bailey – Bailey is the name of a strong, independent and beautiful person. 

Baldwin – Meaning “brave, bold friend”.

Bandit – The name Bandit means Thief and is of American origin.

Baroness – Wife Or Widow Of A Baron.

Bear – The meaning of the name “Bear” is: “Strong, brave bear”.

Beate – happy

Beatrix – Meaning: “Free Man”,”She who brings happiness”.

Bella – Bella is related to Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Latin words meaning beautiful.

Beowulf – “war wolf”,” bee wolf”. 

Berlin – “borderline”, “river rake”.

Bernadette – brave as a bear

Bernard – strong, brave as a bear

Bert – The name Bert means Bright, meaning of Bert is “illustrious”.

Berta – intelligent, glorious

Bismarck – German statesman

Blaze – Meaning “torch, bright flame, fire”.

Blitz – Meaning “she who brings happiness; blessed”. 

Avoid Names With Negative Connotations.

Blue – The name Beau means “Beautiful”, “Handsome”.

Bock: A lager beer with German origins.

Bond – “peasant farmer”, “Husbandman”.

Brando – Fiery torch; beacon,Sword.

Brezel: The German word for “pretzel.”

Britta – “strength or exalted one”. 

Brunhilde – “protected by the shield”,”armed for battle”.

Bruno – Meaning  “greatest” or “largest”.

Brutus – The name Blake means Pale Blond One Or Dark.

Bubba – Being formed from the word “brother”, it often indicates that someone is a “little brother”.

Buddy – The name Buddy means You and is of American origin

Bullet – Meaning: “clever” or “curly-haired”.

Butch – “Manly”, “illustrious; butcher”. 

Caesar – Meaning “emperor” or “ruler” in German.

Captain – He who is in charge,” Leader”.

Caroline – free man

Casper – “Treasurer”, “bringer of treasure”.

Cayden – spirit of battle

Champ – “warrior”.

Don’t Pick One That Might Get Confused With Commands.

german shepherd names
German Shepherd Names

Charlie – Charlie”s meaning is “free man”.

Chewbacca – The Russian word for dog.

Chief – “chieftain, master”. 

Chloe – Meaning “blooming” or “fertility” in Greek.

Claudia – “lame; enclosure”,” crippled”.

Claus – The name Claus means Victory Of The People .

Klaus – people of vistory

Cleo – “pride”, “fame” or “glory”.

Clovis – famous warrior

Coco – The name Coco means Chocolate Bean.

Comet – “Celestial being that shines brightly”,” The Unbound”.

Conan – “little wolf”, “little hound”.

Cooper – Meaning “barrel maker”

Dagmar – famous, glorious

Daisy – Meaning “day”s eye”

Dakota – The name is translated to mean “friend”, “friendly” or “allies” in the Yankton-Yanktonai and Santee dialects of the Dakota language.

Dame – lady”, a woman, the funny character of an older woman.

Damian – the fighter

Dedrick – “power of the tribe”,” Gifted ruler”.

Diesel – Nala means in African “queen” and “lion”, in Arabic “honey bee” and in Sanskrit “stem”.

Dieter – “warrior of the people”,”ruler of the people”.

Dino – Little sword.

Dirk – also the people’s ruler

Dollar – The meaning of the town name is uncertain but may be related to the Germanic word “daler” meaning silver.

Choose A German Shepherd Name That’s Unlike Your Other Pets.

Donner – thunder

Dozer – Bulldozer

Duchess – Meaning Woman of high rank.

Duke – Duke is a surname meaning “the leader” or “son of Marmaduke”.

Dumpling: A staple in German cuisine. (The German word for “dumpling”—Knödel—may be a little too tricky!)

Duxi – warrior of the people

Edith – “war”,” prosperous in war”. 

Elke – “of noble birth”,” noble”,” Oath to God”.

Ella – “beautiful, fairy Maiden, Goddess”,” my God is an oath”,” merciful”, “God is my light”,” other”, “another”, all, completely; fairy maiden.

Ellard – noble and brave

Ellie – God is my light” or “God is my candle”, “bright shining one”

Elsa – My God is bountiful; God of plenty; “Joyful; Noble; God is my oath”,”pledged to God”.

Emma – “whole” or “universal”.

Emmet – universal, truth.

Emmett – industrious, strong.

Ernie/Ernest/Ernst – serious, resolute Or  “battle to the death”.

Falcon – The name Falcon means Bird In The Hawk Family.

Felix – “lucky, successful,happy” in Latin.

Ferdinand – adventurous, courageous

Fido – “to trust, believe, confide in”.

Flash – Bright Light.

Franz – “Frenchman or free man”. 

Frau – “craftsman”.

Frauke – little lady

Fraulein – “Female,Maiden”. 

Fräulein – miss

Freda – Meaning “peaceful”. 

Perform The “Nickname Test”.

badass german shepherd dog names
Badass German Shepherd Dog Names

Freddy – Taken from the German Fridu, meaning “peace” and ric, meaning “ruler, power”.

Frederick – peaceful ruler

Frederik – Meaning “ruler” or “power”.

Frederika – peaceful ruler

Frido – powerful

Frieda – also peaceful ruler

Frieda/Freda/ Frieda/Frinta/Freida  – “peaceful ruler”. 

Fritz – “peaceful ruler”. 

Fritzi – “peaceful ruler”. 

Garin – warrior

Gerda – protected

Goliath – Meaning: “my father”s joy”.

Greta – The name Greta means A Pearl.

Gretchen – The name Gretchen means A Pearl and is of German origin.

Gretel – Meaning: A Pearl and is of German origin.

Grover – Meaning “lives near a grove of trees” or “Warrior,bold warrior” and is of North German origin.

Gunther – bold warrior

Gunter  – From an Old German name meaning war or battle.

Hamlin – one who loves his home

Hans – “God Is Gracious;Gift from God”.

Hansel – The name Hansel means God Is Gracious and is of German origin.

Harbin – little shining fighter

Harley – The name Roxy means Dawn.

Harmony Musical Combination Of Chords.

Harper – Meaning “harp player”. 

Heidi – noble and serene

Heinrich – home of the king; rules his household.

Heinz – also home of the king; Ruler Of The Home.

Helga – pious,” holy”, “blessed”

Helmar – famous protector

Hendrik – home ruler

Hilda – battle woman

Think Of Your Dog’s Personality.

Hugo – wise man

Hulda – sweet, lovable

Ida hardworking; industrious one.

Imre – great king

Irmalinda – soft, tender, gentle

Jack – Meaning. “God Is Gracious” or “Supplanter”.

Jaeger – hunter

Jake – The meaning of Storm is “tempest”.

Jax – Meaning “wealthy protector”, “brave people”, or “God”s gift”.

Kaiser – emperor

Kaja – alive

Katrin – great beauty

Keene – bold, sharp

King – The name Zeus means God and is of Greek origin Or meaning “sky” or “shine”.

Kuchen – A cake.

Leo – Meaning “genuine”, “bold” or “brave”.

Leona – brave as a lioness

Leonard – brave lion

Leopold – bold leader

Lexi – Lexi means “defending men”

Liebe – love

Liesel – God is my oath; pledged to God.

Lily – Meaning: Son Of Jack.

Lola – Lola means “sorrows” (from Dolores), “free”, “proficient” and “army”.

Lorelei – alluring

Lotti – Short, cute, and easy-to-hear (more on that later!), Lotti means “little woman.” Perfect for a smaller-sized dog, right?

Lucy – Lucy means “light”. Alternative spellings are Luci, Luce, Lucie, Lucia.

Luna – Meaning “wood carver, sculptor”.

Luther – warrior

Manfred – man of peace

Mareike – obstinacy, rebelliousness

Marta – lady

Matilda – Meaning “mighty in battle,”  Matilda is fitting for a rough-and-tumble girl dog. Plus, Tillie and Tilda are super cute nicknames!

Max – A short form of the Latin Maximilian, from Maximus, meaning “the greatest”

Choose a Name And Stick With It.

German Shepherd Names
Male German Shepherd

Maximus – Meaning “castle”.

Meyer – bringer of light

Mia – Meaning: “A best friend /gift from the life of Jesus”. 

Milla – Mia has been an incredibly popular name—for dogs and humans—for years upon years. Why not switch it up with a unique, German-inspired variation?

Millie – gentle strength

Milo – Meaning: Thief, Bandit, beloved.

Mischa – who is like God

Molly – Molly means “sea of bitterness”, “rebelliousness” and “wished for child” or “beloved”.

Mozart – German composer

Nadja – hope

Nala – Meaning of Colby is “swarthy person”s settlement”.

Nia – Another short and cute name, Nia is perfect for a bright doggy. Why? It literally means “bright”!

Norbert – hero

Norberta – blonde heroine

Olinda – protector of property

Otto – prosperous, rich, wealthy.

Ozzy – divine spear

Penny – Meaning “weaver”.

Petra – solid as rock

Piper – Meaning: “beautiful”.

Prinz – prince

Raina – mighty army

Raymond – wise protector

Ritter – knight

Rocky – Meaning “rest”.

Roland – famous throughout the land

Rolf – famous wolf

Romeo – The name Romeo is: Pilgrim from Rome.

Romey – obstinate, rebellious

Rosie – Rosie means “successful”, “glorious”, “strong”, “rose”, “well-fed”, “beloved”, “untamed”, “stubborn” .

Rowland – famous in the land

Roxy – Meaning “tenth”

Ruby – Ruby takes the name of the ruby ​​gemstone. Meaning red.

Rudolph/Rudy – also famous wolf

Don’t give a name based on negative

Sadie – Meaning: Lion.

Sascha – If your dog acts like a watchdog—or just loves to watch birds from her spot at a window—name her Sascha. It means “defender of mankind.”

Schatzi – sweetheart

Schatzie – little sweetheart

Schnapps – A flavored, distilled spirit that”s beloved in Germany.

Schwartz – black hair or dark complexion

Siegfried – victorious peace

Sigmund – victorious protection

Sigrid – beautiful victory

Sofie – wisdom

Sonje – wisdom

Spaetzle: A type of pasta made with fresh eggs and covered in melted cheese.

Stein – stone

Stella – Meaning: Soldier.

Strudel – A flaky pastry that”s typically stuffed with fruit.

Teddy – Meaning “wealthy protector”, “brave people”, or “God”s gift”

Theobold – the boldest

Thor – Thor means “thunder”, “god of thunder”.

Tilli – battle maiden

Trudi – strong spear warrior

Trudy – spear of strength

The dog’s name should be used as soon as possible.

german shepherd boy names
German Shepherd Boy Names

Tucker – Meaning “to torment”

Ugo – mind, heart, spirit

Ula – pearl

Ulf – wolf

Ulrika  – all-ruling, wolf ruler

Ursula – little female bear

Vala – singled out

Vera – faith, truth

Verner – defending army

Waffel – You guessed it—Waffel is the German word for “waffle”!

Waldo – to rule

Walter – army ruler

Wanda – shepherdess; wanderer

Wilfred – determined peacemaker

Wilhelmina – protector

Winifred/Winnie – Got a cuddler on your hands? Winifred—and its sweet nickname, Winnie—means “peaceful friend.”

Winola – charming friend

Wolfgang – traveling wolf

Zelda – Meaning “battle maid”, you can take some inspiration from your favorite childhood video game.

Zelig – blessed one

Zenzi – to spring up, grow, thriveZeus – The name Lucy means Light. Alternative spellings are Luci, Luce, Lucie, Lucia.

Avoid changing an adult dog’s name if the dog knows it already. If you must change the name, choose one that sounds similar.

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