Beach dog names: 100+ Ideas For Naming Female, male Puppy

Are you looking for the best beach dog names? Here are some cool, unique, cute names perfect for your male or female dog.

If your dog is one of those laid back, loves the beach, sun, palm trees and clear blue ocean! This list has dog names based on everything from beaches to beautiful islands.

Below are the top 100 beach dog names. The names below have divided for Male and Female. These names all have meaning. You should look through the list from top to bottom to choose the best, unique, cute name for your new puppy.

Beach dog names

If you’re on the search for the best surf dog names for your beach-loving pup, I’ve got you covered! Check out the top 10 ideas for male & female.

  • Moana – means “ocean”.
  • Summer – The summer season certainly has inspired Trupanion members.
  • Aliikai – Queen of the Sea.
  • Aqua – The color use to describe a sea.
  • Ariel – Means “lion of God” in Hebrew.
  • Grace – Beach and Bay.
  • Beachy – Having a beach or beaches.
  • Haven – a bay, recess, or inlet of the sea, or the mouth of a river.
  • Marina – meaning “from the sea”.
  • Sunset – also known as sundown.
Nautical puppy names

Beach dog names female

Have a dog that reminds you of leisurely vacation at the hot summer beach? 24 unique female dog names that your new girl puppy will love. 

  • Dawn – The first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.
  • Barney – The meaning of the name is “string instrument”.
  • Neptune – “roman mythical name”.
  • Aerial – A move where a surfer meets a crust of wave and takes a flight.
  • Alaia – a surfboard made up of a wood.
  • Aroa – Aroa Beach is famed for his scenic backdrops.
  • Bells – famous surfing spot in Australia.
  • Solangi – sun’s angel.
  • Aggro – a word that describes aggression to approach the wave.
  • Ahab – The famous captain in the “Moby Dick” novel.
  • Akaw – a word surfers call out when they see a wave.
  • Bamboo – a fiberglass replacing in surfboards.
  • Bambora – big wave that breaks outside the normal surf line.
  • Barrel – a tube- shaped curls of wave.
  • Bikini – Which was the colonial name the Germans gave to the atoll.
  • Breezy – Meaning “windy”.
  • Buoy –  A float moored in water to mark a location.
  • Del Mar – Meaning “of the sea”.
  • Guppy – Also someone who is upset is “guppying”.
  • Lita – Meaning “Gladly”.
  • Navin – Meaning “new”, “fresh”, “young”.
  • Peak – “pointed hill”.
  • Pebbles – Meaning “Small Rocks”.
  • Awning – a rooflike cover extending over or in front of a place.
Nautical female names

Beach dog names male

Find the best beach dog name by browsing our list of beach-themed male dog names. 

  • Barrel – a tube- shaped curls of wave.
  • Carver – The name Brick means Good Guy Or Mason.
  • Duke – Duke is a surname meaning “the leader” or “son of Marmaduke”.
  • Bay – A broad inlet of ocean where the land curves around it.
  • Sunshine – There is nothing like getting out in the sunshine with your best mate, and it certainly is an exciting name for your furry friends.
  • Bogs – bogging.
  • Cargo – cool name for a beach dog. 
  • Crusoe – Robinson Crusoe.
  • Hudson – as in Hudson Bay.
  • Kahuna – as in “The Big Kahuna”.
  • Kook – unprofessional surfer.
  • Nido – El Nido beach in Palawan, Philippines.
  • Beacon – A fire or light source that acts as a signal
  • Dosa – crispy flatbread.
  • Falgun – spring.
  • Goa – beautiful beach.
  • Maui – Hawaii’s island.
  • Haddi – bone.
  • Boat Boy – a boatman’s assistant or apprentice.
  • Dorian – meaning ‘child of the sea’.
  • Duck – a nickname for someone with some fancied resemblance to a duck.
  • Mack – meaning “son of” or “greatest”.
  • Sail – Name with connotations of the outdoors.
  • Shark – meaning “villain, scoundrel”.
  • Swimmer – Swimmer definition.
  • Pier – meaning is “rock, stone”.
  • Seagull – means “seal”.
  • Surf – meaning “the shoreward surge of the sea”.
dog names inspired by beach and ocean
Gog names inspired by beach and ocean

Unique beach dog names

If you and your family go to the beach every year, don’t miss out on one of our last unique beach dog names for your next forever friend.

  • Camiala –  A dog that loves to spend a time on sand. 
  • Keala – Keala Kennelly, famous surfer.
  • Nungwi – after Nungwi Beach in Zanzibar. 
  • Bondi – Australian beach.
  • Sailor – Someone who works on a boat. 
  • Sandy – The land that is covered with sand and adjacent to the sea. 
  • Bo-po – for “boat police”.
  • Calinda – meaning “lovely one”.
  • Paddlepup – a dog that loves to swim or love water.
  • Bree – meaning “strength or exalted one”.
  • Catalina – meaning “pure”.
Nautical male names

Cute beach dog names

A cute name for a dog that likes to bounce around in waves.

  • Goose – meaning “progenitor goose”.
  • Lake – topographic name for someone who lived by a stream.
  • Ocean – The name Ocean means Sea and is of Greek origin.
  • Oceana – meaning “ocean”.
  • Raft – A flat-bottomed craft able to float and drift on water.
  • Rinker – the descendant of Reinger.
  • Sea-sea(CC) – The name Sea means Ocean.
  • Shelly – the name Shelly means “ewe, female sheep; little rock; rest; sloped meadow”.
  • Atlantis – The name means silken.
  • Blue – Meaning Sad.
  • Captain – He who is in charge.
  • Clipper – A contest decided on Clippers because the city was known for the great sailing ships that passed through San Diego Bay.
  • Commander – which mean Commander.
  • Fisher – meaning “salmon”.
  • Hammerhead – The hammerhead sharks are a group of sharks that form the family Sphyrnidae.
  • Matey – “nautical, slang”.
  • Nemo – Meaning “No one, nobody”.
Cool huge dog names

Ocean beach dog names

Here is the ultimate list of ocean beach dog  names for your male or female puppy.

  • Poseidon – Lord of the sea, earthquakes and horses.
  • Pirate – The name Pirate means Robber Of The Sea.
  • Ray – meaning “wise protector”.
  • Shippy – You are spiritually intense and can sting or charm.
  • Skipper – Ship Captain Or Master.
  • Splash – water splashing.
  • Stripes – the name Stripes means “To have the eyes of an eagle”. 
  • Surfer – a person who rides a wave on a surfboard.
  • Waves – the name Wave means “Gift of god”.
  • Zale – the meaning of Zale is “sea-strength”.
  • Curl – meaning winding or curly.

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