American Bully Names: 138+ Ideas for Female, Male Dog

Browsing for the best American Bully names? Find good, badass dog names perfect for your male or female American Bully dog at this handpicked list here.

You decided to add a new puppy or dog to your family. Having a hard time thinking up of a good name for you American Bully Dogs? It is quite understandable considering that your Bully’s name must sound sweet to the ear, and it can be a reflection of your character as a person.

Below are the top 138 best names for bullies. The names below have divided for Male and Female. These names all have meaning. You should look through the list from top to bottom to choose the best, most unique name for your new puppy.

american bully names male
American Bully Names Male

American Bully Names male

The American Bully has a breathtaking physique, but also has a steady and sweet personality. Noble-sounding names will go well with this breed, but don’t be afraid to look for something interesting.

Check out our list of American Bully dog names. With a grand variety you are sure to … Best Male Bully Dog Names.

  • Abram – Meaning “exalted father” Or “exalted father”
  • Ace – The name Ace means “one, unity”., Unity is a nickname given to an outstanding person.
  • Adelaar –  The name Adelaar means “Eagle” .
  • Adi – Meaning “jewel” or “ornament”.
  • Adlai – Meaning “God is just”.
  • Adonis – The name Adonis is of Greek origin. Meaning “Lord”.
  • Adrian – Meaning ‘sea’ or ‘water’ Or Meaning “man of Adria”.
  • Ajax – Meaning: Of The Earth, Eagle,”earth, land”.
  • Apollo – Meaning “to destroy”.
  • Aramis – The meaning of the name Aramis is: Fictional swordsman.
  • Archer –  The meaning of the name Archer is: Bow, a bowman.

Haven’t found a good name for Bully yet? Don’t ignore the best weird names for Bully dogs below.

  • Ares – The meaning of the name Ares is: The Greek god of war.
  • Arthur – The meaning of the name Arthur is: Noble; courageous.
  • Ash – The meaning of the name Ash is: Happy.
  • Athos – The name Athos means “Gift of God”.
  • Banjo – The meaning of the name is ‘string instrument’.
  • Barney – Meaning “defender”.
  • Baxter – Meaning “baker”.
Bully Names Male
Bully Names Male
  • Beau – The name Beau means “Beautiful”, “Handsome”.
  • Beethoven – Beeth means ‘beetroot’ and Hoven means “farm”.
  • Benji – Meaning “son of the right hand or son of the south”.
  • Blake – The name Blake means Pale Blond One Or Dark.
  • Blitz – The name Blitz means “Flash of lightning, thunderbolt”.
  • Brick – The name Brick means Good Guy Or Mason.
  • Brutus – The meaning of the name “Brutus” is: “Heavy, slow, foolish”.
  • Buck – The meaning of the name Buck is: Male deer.
  • Carver – Meaning ‘wood carver, sculptor’.
  • Colby – Meaning of Colby is “swarthy person’s settlement”.
  • Maximus – Meaning  “greatest” or “largest”.
  • Scotty – The meaning of Scotty is “from Scotland”.
  • Storm – The meaning of Storm is “tempest”.
  • Teddy – Meaning “wealthy protector”, “brave people”, or “God’s gift”.
  • Zeus – The name Zeus means God and is of Greek origin Or meaning “sky” or “shine”.
  • Archie – Meaning “genuine”, “bold” or “brave”.
  • Bailey – Meaning: Bailiff, the name Bailey means Bailiff, Steward.
  • Bandit – Meaning: Thief, Bandit.
  • Bear – Meaning: Strong, brave bear
  • Bruce – Meaning: “the willowlands”,” Thick brush”.
  • Bruno – Meaning: “Armour, Protection” or Brun “Brown”.
  • Buddy – Meaning: Friend.
  • Charlie – Meaning: Free Man.
  • Cooper – Meaning: Barrel maker.
  • Diesel – Meaning: A beautiful, kind hearted person who looks out for family and friends.
American Bully Dog Names Male
American Bully Names Male
  • Duke – Meaning: The leader.
  • Hank – Meaning: Ruler Of The Home.
  • Harley – Meaning: Hhare’s meadow.
  • Harrison – Meaning: Son of Harry.
  • Jack – Meaning: “God Is Gracious” or “Supplanter.
  • Jake – Meaning: “God is gracious”, “may God protect” and “holder of the heel”.
  • Jax – Meaning: Son Of Jack.
  • King – Meaning: King. King’s field.
  • Leo – Meaning: Lion.
  • Mason – Meaning: One who works with stone.
  • Max – Meaning: The greatest.
  • Milo – Meaning: Soldier.
  • Rocky – Meaning: The rest
  • Thor – Meaning: “thunder”, “god of thunder”.
  • Toby – The name Toby means God Is Good.Zack – Meaning: “Laughter” or “the Lord recalled”.
American Bully Dirl Names
American Bully Names

American Bully Names Female

If you want to adopt an American Bully, it will definitely take you a while to find their perfect name. Before moving on to the list, however, we have a few tips for finding a name for your dog: Choose a 1 to 3 syllable long name; A name that is too short or too long can be confusing and difficult to learn.

Check out our long list of American Bully female dog names. With a rich variety, you are sure to find a variety that you like. These names are unique, fun, and cute.

  • Asta – Meaning  “divine beauty” , “resurrection”, “exalted”, “venerable”, “to increase”.
  • Athena – Meaning Goddess Of Wisdom & War.
  • Aurora – Meaning “dawn”.
  • Barbarella – Meaning “foreign woman”.
  • Beatrice – Meaning “she who brings happiness; blessed”. 
  • Bella – Meaning beautiful in French.
  • Brisca – The name Brisa means Breeze.
  • Buffy – The name Buffy means Nickname For Elizabeth.
  • Cora – The name Cora means Heart Or  Meaning “maiden”.
  • Dixie – Meaning “tenth”
  • Ginger – Meaning: Reddish Orange Color.
  • Jasmine – Meaning “gift from God”.
  • Lucy – The name Lucy means Light. Alternative spellings are Luci, Luce, Lucie, Lucia.
  • Luna – Meaning “Moon”.
  • Nala – Nala means in African “queen” and “lion”, in Arabic “honey bee” and in Sanskrit “stem”.
bully dog names female
Bully dog names female
  • Rain – Meaning: Abundant Blessings From Above.
  • Roxy – The name Roxy means Dawn.
  • Basil – Meaning:  “brave, fearless, intrepid”.
  • Abbie – Meaning: Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy.
  • Abby – Meaning: “my father’s joy”.
  • Ada – Meaning: “noble, nobility”.
  • Alicia – Meaning: “noble natured”.
  • Anna – Meaning: “favor” or “grace” or “beautiful”.
  • Annabelle – The name Annabelle means Gracious, Beautiful.
  • Beatrix – Meaning: “voyager, traveller”,”blessed”,”she who brings happiness; blessed”.
  • Belle – Meaning: “beautiful”.
  • Bessie – Meaning: God Is My Oath.
  • Betsy – Meaning: God Is My Oath.
  • Blair – Meaning: “plain”, “meadow”, or “field”.
  • Browny – Meaning: “A best friend /gift from the life of Jesus”. 
  • Candy – Meaning: Bright, Sweet. 
  • Cassandra – Meaning: “helper of men”,  “to excel, to shine”.
  • Cassidy – Meaning: “clever” or “curly-haired”.
  • Cassie – Meaning: “to excel, to shine”, “prophetess”.
  • Cindy – Meaning: “Kind, strong, honest”. 
  • Clara – Meaning: “clear, bright, famous”.
  • Coco – Meaning: Chocolate Bean
  • Daisy – Meaning:  “day’s eye”.
american bully names for female
American Bully names for female
  • Grace – Meaning: “Gracious” .
  • Kali – Meaning: “black one”.
  • Lily – Meaning: “pure”, “passion” and “rebirth”.
  • Lola – Meaning: “sorrows”, “free”, “proficient” and “army” .
  • Millie – Meaning: “ambitious”, “gentle strength” or “strong in work”.
  • Sadie – Meaning: “princess”.
  • Sarah – Meaning: “lady, princess, noblewoman” in Hebrew.
  • Sherry – Meaning: Darling.
  • Stella – Meaning: “star”.
  • Trudy – Meaning: “spear of strength” and “familiar”, “loved”.
  • Zoe – Meaning: “Life”.
  • Daizy – Meaning: Day’s eye.
  • Dana – Meaning: “arbiter” or “God is my judge”. 
  • Darla – Meaning: Dear, Darling.
  • Delia – Meaning: Person From Delos, “exalted one”.
pitbull bully female
Female Bully dog

Exotic American Bully Dog Names

American Bullies are muscular, beautiful dogs that impress with great personalities towards other dogs, humans and children. Our comprehensive list of exotic bully dog names for pet parents who love.

  • Aurum – The meaning of the name Aurum is: Golden.
  • Axel – Meaning “my father is peace”.
  • Baby – Meaning “dawn”.
  • Blue – The name Blue means “Color blue”,In Arabic means “heaven, greatness, noble”.
  • Bruta – Meaning “broad”.
  • Castillo – Meaning “castle”.
  • Goliath – Meaning:  “uncover, reveal”,”Passage, revolution, heap”.
  • Cion – Meaning: Affectionate one.
  • Doogle – Meaning: “fool, simpleton”.
  • Enze – Meaning: Winner.
  • Dymond – Meaning:  “Gift of god”.
  • Tashina – Meaning: Little wing.
  • Piper – Meaning: Flute Player.
  • Liza – Meaning: God Is My Oath.
  • Farah – Meaning: Happiness, joy.
  • Lenci – Meaning: Light.
  • Mia – Meaning: “sea of bitterness”, “rebelliousness”, and “wished for child”, “beloved”.
  • Penny – Meaning: “weaver”. 
  • Remi – Meaning: “the oarsman”. 
  • Cali – Meaning: “most beautiful”.
  • Rosie – Meaning: “rose”.
  • Diamond – Meaning: Of high value; brilliant.
  • Bullet – Meaning: “strong”.
  • Aesop – Meaning: unknown.
  • Afiya – Meaning: ‎Good Health.

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