Aggressive dog names: 160 Ideas for naming female, male Puppy

Are you looking for cute, scary or famous aggressive dog names? Here is the list of best aggressive names for male, female dogs.

You bring home a dog of the breeds American Pit Bull Terrier, Chow Chow, Doberman pinschers, German shepherd. which are big and very tough, strong but very cute breeds.

The first important thing is to find a strong, unique and aggressive name for your puppy. Choosing an early and suitable aggressive name will help the dog get used to his name quickly.

Choosing a good name can improve your dog’s training! Choose a name that is at most two syllables; a name that is short and distinct. Dogs tend to respond better to two-syllable names. They are not short enough to be confused with a sign such as sitting, down or coming.

Below is a list of the most ferocious names for female and male dogs, these names highlight the strength of the puppies.

Aggressive dog names

Find scary, tough, strong, aggressive, powerful, and intimidating guard dog names. Here are the 20 most common aggressive dog names.

  • Buffy – The name Blue means “Color blue”,In Arabic means “heaven, greatness, noble”.
  • Spike – Cute and badass name of dog.
  • Fang – Sounds cool and cutting name.
  • Diesel – Nala means in African “queen” and “lion”, in Arabic “honey bee” and in Sanskrit “stem”.
  • Gunner – A strong and sporty name.
  • Bullet – Meaning: “clever” or “curly-haired”.
  • Maverick – A rebellious person.
  • Buck – The name Blitz means “Flash of lightning, thunderbolt”.
  • Butch – Cool strong name for your canin.
  • Axel – Meaning “dawn”.
  • Tank – Meaning: “a man who is big and strong”.
  • Justice – Doesn’t this name just sound badass.
  • Hulk – Fictional giant green superhero in Marvel comics.
  • Brutus – Meaning: “heavy, dull”.
  • Blitz – Meaning: “Flash of lightning, thunderbolt”.
  • Crusher – Meaning: “Crushers”.
  • Kitana – Meaning: “honorable” or “sword”.
  • Lex – Meaning: “man’s defender or warrior”.
  • Viking – Meaning: “freebooting voyage, piracy”.
  • Chopper – Meaning: “An emotional guard”.
Aggressive names for Doberman pinschers
Aggressive names for Doberman pinschers

Aggressive dog names female

Give your dog a sense of power and command with a badass name. A list of great aggressive dog names for your female pup. 

  • Astra – Meaning: From The Stars.
  • Avril – The name Avril means The Month Of April.
  • Bridget – Meaning “power, strength, vigor, virtue”
  • Carla – Meaning: “free woman” and “warrior”, “army”.
  • King – The name Zeus means God and is of Greek origin Or meaning “sky” or “shine”.
  • Sheba – Inspired by the Queen of Sheba.
  • Griffin – Meaning “descendant of the Griffin-like”.
  • Killer – Which means son of the brindled lad.
  • Ursa – The meaning of Ursa is “little she-bear”.
  • Ursula – A fictional villain character from The Little Mermaid.
  • Vixen – An attractive and quarrelsome lady.
  • Willow – A tree or shrub of temperate climates which typically has narrow leaves, bears catkins, and grows near water.
  • Major – “greater; or, a military rank”.
  • Thor – Thor means “thunder”, “god of thunder”.
  • Beast – “It means brave and is fearless”.
  • Luca – It means man (or citizen) from Lucania.
  • Atticus – Meaning “belonging to Attica”.
  • Amber – Meaning: “Jewel”.
  • Arya – Meaning: “honorable”.
  • Breanne – Meaning: “Strong”.
  • Briana – Meaning: “strong, virtuous, honorable”.
  • Vader – Meaning: “father” or  “Dark Father”.
  • Cruella – Meaning: Evil, Cruel.
  • Blood – Meaning: “Death”. 
  • Breaker – Meaning: “a breaking wave on water”.
  • Psycho – Meaning: “mental”.
  • Teegan – Meaning: “special thing”.
  • Tiger – Meaning: “Powerful”.
  • Timber – Meaning: Wood, Strong.
  • Vicious Vicky – Meaning: Victory, triumphant.
  • Ruckus – Meaning: a noisy commotion
  • Gremlin – Meaning: A gremlin is a mischievous mythical creature.
  • Paco – Meaning: “eagle”.
  • Bam-Bam – Meaning: “yellow”.
  • Thrasher – Meaning: beat or thrash.
  • Bundy – Meaning: “the son of Bundy”.
Aggressive names for American Pit Bull Terrier
Aggressive names for American Pit Bull Terrier

Aggressive dog names male

Looking for aggressive male dog names? Here is a collection of most popular aggressive boy dog names.

  • Ajax – The name Adonis is of Greek origin. Meaning “Lord”.
  • Archer – Meaning “to destroy”.
  • Ares – The meaning of the name Aramis is: Fictional swordsman.
  • Blake – Meaning “baker”.
  • Brick – Beeth means ‘beetroot’ and Hoven means “farm”.
  • Admiral – Meaning “A high rank in the navy”.
  • Apache – It means “enemy” or “the people”.
  • Argos – Meaning “vigilant guardian”.
  • Aslan – The meaning of Aslan is “lion”.
  • Atlas – The meaning of Atlas is “to carry”.
  • Atom – Meaning indivisible.
  • Augustus – Meaning “majestic,” “the increaser,” or “venerable”.
  • Riptide – Opposition tide that causes disturbances in the sea.
  • Prince – Meaning “chief, prince”.
  • Chance – Meaning “fortune”, “luck”.
  • Storm – Meaning “gift from God”.
  • Cardi – Meaning: “Gift of God”.
  • Blondie – Meaning: “Blonde Beautiful Loyal”.
  • Elvis – Meaning: “All Wise”.
  • Hendrix – Meaning: “son of Hendrik”.
  • Iggy – Meaning: “fiery”.
  • Lizzo – Meaning: “Old Italian for Lace, surname given to Taylor’s, to weave or intertwine”.
  • Motley – Meaning: “incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate”.
  • Sid Vicious – nicknamed Ritchie.
  • Bender – Meaning: One Who Bends.
  • Reaper – Meaning: the angel of death.
  • Siege – Meaning: “Siege”.
Aggressive names for Rottweiler
Aggressive names for Rottweiler

Cute aggressive dog names

A tough, fierce dog can also be a sweet dog. Give them a good life and treat them with love. Find the cutest aggressive dog name by browsing our list of aggressive dog names.

  • Bamboo – a fiberglass replacing in surfboards.
  • Barkley – Meaning: Birch valley; birch tree meadow.
  • Duke – Duke is a surname meaning “the leader” or “son of Marmaduke”.
  • Brute – A brutal person.
  • Shadow – Shade From Sun.
  • Barbarian – Meaning: “stammering”.
  • Chaos – Meaning: “emptiness, vast void, chasm, abyss”.
  • Cobra – Meaning: “snake with a hood”.
  • Cutthroat – Meaning: “killer”.
  • Dragon – Meaning: Fire-breathing Creature. 
  • Fiend – Meaning: “demon”.
  • Fury – he meaning of Fury is an enraged woman.
  • Scar – Meaning: “king”.
  • Sentinel – Meaning: “vigilance,” and sentire, “to hear or perceive”.
  • Sergeant – Meaning: “Servant”.
  • Bacon – Meaning: “Crispy Food”.
  • BamBam – Meaning: “A gift of god”.
  • Beau-Dacious – Meaning: bold, audacious, and brazen.
  • Bitsy – Meaning: “pledged to God”.
  • Brian – Meaning:  “high” or “noble”.
  • Rocco – Meaning: “to roar” or “rest, repose”.
  • Floyd – Meaning: “gray-haired”.
  • Dominic – Meaning: “Lordly”, “Belonging to God” or “of the Master”.
Aggressive names for German Shepherd
Aggressive names for German Shepherd

Scary aggressive dog names

These are the aggressive dog names for your brave and strong dogs.

  • Banshee – Meaning: “woman of the fairy mound” or “fairy woman”.
  • Mack – Meaning: “son of” or “greatest”.
  • Sarge – The informal version of Sergeant.
  • Demon – Meaning: “Demon”.
  • Diablo – Meaning: “devil”.
  • Ghost – Meaning: “Gift of god”.
  • Ghoul – Meaning: an evil spirit or phantom.
  • Goblin – Meaning: “Lover of darkness”. 
  • Tuffy – Meaning: “Tuffy is a kind person who never gives up on the person in front of him”.
  • Pistol – Meaning: “Appeared in Henry V; Merry Wives of Windsor”. 
  • Knuckles – Meaning: conquer, and laos.
  • Rooster – Meaning: “Likely a bird from a farm”.
  • Rubbles – Meaning:  “a cast with a seam”.
  • Grogoch – Meaning: “goblin”.

Famous aggressive dog names

Aggressive dog names inspired by famous athletes, superhero…

  • Diesel – Nala means in African “queen” and “lion”, in Arabic “honey bee” and in Sanskrit “stem”.
  • Alex – The meaning of Alex is “man’s defender, warrior”.
  • Rambo – The famous Sylvester Stallone character.
  • Rocky – Meaning: “rest”.
  • Butch – Cool strong name for your canin.
  • Lebron – Meaning: “brown-haired one”.
  • MJ – Meaning: “Gift of god”.
  • Bugsy – Meaning: “gangster”.
  • Capone – Meaning: “Leader of Strength”.
Aggressive names for Chow Chow
Aggressive names for Chow Chow

Big aggressive dog names

An amazing list of big aggressive dog names inspired by the protection, loyalty, scariness, ferociousness, strength.

  • Magnum – The name Magnum means Big, Great.
  • Goliath – Meaning: “my father’s joy”.
  • Maximus – Meaning “castle”.
  • Hercules – The divine hero from Greek mythology.
  • Attila – Brutal ruler of the Huns.
  • Bear – The meaning of the name “Bear” is: “Strong, brave bear”.
  • Moose – Meaning: Largest Species In Deer Family.
  • Remington – Meaning: “raven” and “tun” or “settlement”.
  • Muscles – Meaning: “muscles”.
  • Kong – Meaning: “Bright”.
  • Persian – Meaning: “Jewel”, “welcoming”.
  • Grande – Meaning: “tall”, “large”.

Most aggressive dog names

  • Rogue – Popular name following the release of Rogue One.
  • Bruiser – Brawny and tough name for a pup.
  • Scar – Meaning: “king”.
  • Trooper – Meaning: “one who endures adversity”.
  • Destroyer – Meaning: “Destroyer”.
  • Monster – Meaning: “innocent, not evil”.
  • Machete – Meaning: “sledgehammer”.
  • Mafia – Meaning: “swagger”,”boldness” or “bravado”.
  • Trump
  • Warrior
  • Jaws
  • Crash

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