120 Cavapoo Dog Names With Meaning

Browsing for the best names for Cavapoo dog? Check out this list of cute and unique Cavapoo dog names for your pup.

If you’re adding a new four-legged family member to your family, you’re probably wondering what to name it. Naming your new pet is one of the most personal things you can do as a pet owner.

In the event that you adopt a new dog, you will want a suitable name. If you’re stuck on a name, you can try choosing a name based on its appearance.

For more ideas on naming your dog Cavapoo, check out the list of ideas below.

Cavapoo Puppy Names
Cavapoo Puppy Names

Male Cavapoo Names

  • Ace – The name Ace means “one, unity”., Unity is a nickname given to an outstanding person.
  • Adonis – The name Adonis is of Greek origin. Meaning “Lord”
  • Alfie – The name Alfie means “counsel” and is considered “wise”.
  • Allie – Allie stands for Allison, Alexandra, Alana, Alice. Allie stands for Allison, Alexandra, Alana, Alice. Allie’s name meaning is “precious; noble, bright; man’s defender, warrior” and the associated lucky number is 3.
  • Andre – Andrew is often shortened to “Andy” or “Drew”. This word is derived from Greek. The name means “masculine”, “brave”, “strong”, “courageous” and “warrior”.
  • Archie – Archie means “genuine”, “bold” or “brave” – and is more popular in Britain than the US.
  • Arlo – The name Arlo means Hill
  • Arlow – The meaning of the arrow name is ‘barberry tree’.
  • Bacardi – a West Indian rum produced originally in Cuba.
  • Baci – Is an West Indian rum that was originally produced in Cuba.
  • Buddy – The name Buddy means You and is of American origin
  • Charlie – Charlie’s meaning is “free man”.
  • Cooper – Meaning “barrel maker”
  • Drew – As a male name, it is a shortened version of Andrew. Meaning “strong and manly”.
  • Josie – Josie means “he will add”. Pronunciation of Josie.
  • Koby – Meaning ‘Yahweh may protect’, ‘holder of heel’ and ‘supplanter’.
  • Lexi – Lexi means “defending men”
  • Max – A short form of the Latin Maximilian, from Maximus, meaning “the greatest”
  • Simon – Meaning “listen” or “hearing”
  • Tanner – Name meaning “leather maker.”
  • Teddy – Meaning “wealthy protector”, “brave people”, or “God’s gift”
  • Thor – Thor means “thunder”, “god of thunder”.
  • Toby – Toby is a short variant of the name Tobias, The name Toby means God Is Good and is of English origin.
  • Tucker – Meaning “to torment”
  • Wilbur – Meaning “resolute, brilliant”.
  • Winston – Meaning of Winston is “joyful stone”.
  • Admiral – Meaning “A high rank in the navy”.
  • Agostino – Meaning Great
  • Arbiter – Names meaning arbiter.
  • Bandit – The name Bandit means Thief and is of American origin.
  • Baron – It means “son of strength/vigor/potency”
  • Baxter – Meaning “baker”
  • Bear – The meaning of the name “Bear” is: “Strong, brave bear”.
  • Beau – The name Beau means Beautiful, Handsome.
  • Ben – Ben means “blessed” and “good speaker” (from Benedict) or “child of good fortune”, “son of the right hand”, “son of the south” .
  • Benji – Meaning “son of the right hand or son of the south”.
  • Benny – Benny means “blessed”, “well spoken”and “child of good fortune”, “son of the right hand”, “son of the south” .
  • Bentley – Bentley means “woodland with bent grass” .
  • Bertie – Meaning ‘bright’ ‘raven’ or ‘wise person’
  • Billy – Meaning ‘resolute protector’
  • Birdie – Birdie means “little bird”, “birdlike” or “bringing victory” and “bright”, “famous”.
  • Blanco – Meaning “fair, white”
  • Blues – Meaning “heavens,highborn, exalted”
  • Cisco – Meaning “Frenchman or free man”.
  • Curly – Meaning “Full of curls, hair of curls”.
  • Daxter – Meaning “one who dyes” in Old English.
  • Duke – Duke is a surname meaning ‘the leader’ or ‘son of Marmaduke’.
  • Gabriel – Meaning “God is my strength” or “God is my strong man”.
  • Goldwin – Meaning golden friend
  • Jack – Meaning. “God Is Gracious” or “Supplanter”.
  • Lyndon – The name Lyndon means From The Flax Hill.
  • Meinhard – The meaning of Meinhard is “brave or hard strength”.
  • Morty – The meaning of the name Morty is “Dead sea”.
  • Oliver – Meaning “olive tree”.
  • Oscar – Meaning. “Friend of Deer”,”Spear of God”.
  • Quincy – The meaning of Quincy is “estate of the fifth son”.
  • Rocky – Meaning “rest”.
  • Romeo – The name Romeo is Pilgrim from Rome.
  • Till – The meaning of Till is “people’s ruler”.
  • Uccello – Meaning a bird
  • Vidal – The name Vidal is “Life,vital”.
  • Washington – The name Washington means From The Town Of Wassa’s Peopl and is of English origin.
  • Wrigley – The name Wrigley means “Summer Of Love”
  • Yuki – Yuki means “snow”, “happiness”, “snow flower” and “snow princess”.
  • Ariel – Means “lion of God” in Hebrew.
best girl cavapoo names
Best Girl Cavapoo Names

Cavapoo Girl Names

  • Abby – The name is derived from Hebrew. Meaning “my father joy”, “my father is exultation”, or “my father is joy”
  • Anna – Meaning “favor” or “grace” or “beautiful”
  • Annie – The name Annie is of English origin. Meaning “Gracious, Merciful”.
  • Bailey – Bailey is the name of a strong, independent and beautiful person. Meaning Bailiff, Steward.
  • Bella – Bella is related to Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Latin words meaning beautiful.
  • Betsy – Meaning either oath of God, or God is satisfaction. Usually Elizabeth’s nickname.
  • Bonnie – Bonnie’s name is from a girl meaning “beautiful, cheerful”.
  • Cali – Cali means “most beautiful”
  • Daisy – Meaning “day’s eye”
  • Gidget – The name Gidget means Little Girl and is of American origin.
  • Ginger – Meaning of the name Ginger is: A , meaning pure, chaste, virginal.
  • Lola – Lola means “sorrows” (from Dolores), “free”, “proficient” and “army”.
  • Lucy – Lucy means “light”. Alternative spellings are Luci, Luce, Lucie, Lucia.
  • Molly – Molly means “sea of bitterness”, “rebelliousness” and “wished for child” or “beloved”.
  • Poppy – Meaning “red flower”
  • Rosie – Rosie means “successful”, “glorious”, “strong”, “rose”, “well-fed”, “beloved”, “untamed”, “stubborn” .
  • Ruby – Ruby takes the name of the ruby ​​gemstone. Meaning red.
  • Bridget – Meaning “power, strength, vigor, virtue”
  • Coco – The name Coco means Chocolate Bean.
  • Copper – Meaning from the island of Cyprus.
  • Macy – Means “weapon” in Old French.
  • Maurice – The meaning of the name Maurice is Moorish; dark-skinned; swarthy.
  • Penny – Meaning “weaver”.
  • Scarlett – Meaning “scarlet, red”
  • Steffi – Meaning of Steffi: “garland, crown”.
  • Toula – Meaning “enlightened one, light, brilliant”
  • Ada – Meaning of “noble, nobility”, “adornment”. Ada in the Hebrew Bible means “adornment”.
  • Aja – The meaning of Aja is “goat”.
  • Alanis – The meaning of Alanis is “precious”.
  • Alexia – Alexia means “defending men”.
  • Alice – The meaning of Alice is “noble, exalted”.
  • Amelia – The name Amelia means Work.
  • Amethyst – The name Amethyst is: Jewel. Also ‘Against intoxication.’
  • Angel – Meaning “angel” Or The name Angel means Messenger Of God.
  • Annabelle – Meaning “loving”,”beauty”.
  • April – Meaning “to open”
  • Armani – Meaning “warrior”.
  • Asia – The meaning of the name Asia is: Lively; The rising sun.
  • Aspen – Meaning: Quaking Tree.
  • Astra – Meaning: From The Stars.
  • Avril – The name Avril means The Month Of April.
  • Babette – Meaning either oath of God, or God is satisfaction.
  • Bambi – Meaning “Child”.
  • Belle – Meaning “beautiful”.
  • Berry – The name Berry means Small Fruit.
  • Brandy – Meaning “burned wine”.
  • Candy – The meaning of the name Candy is: Dazzling white. Bright, glowing white.
  • Cassie – Cassie means “to excel, to shine” and “man”.
  • Chloe – Meaning “blooming” or “fertility” in Greek.
  • Cindy – Means “Kind, strong, honest”.
  • Clover – Meaning: Meadow Flower.
  • Dakota – The name is translated to mean “friend”, “friendly” or “allies” in the Yankton-Yanktonai and Santee dialects of the Dakota language.
  • Darcie – Darcie means “dark-haired”, “dark”, “descendant of the dark” in Irish and “of Arcy” in Norman.
  • Zoey – The name Zoey means Life and is of Greek origin

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